Welcome!!! My name is Jasmine, I am a Triple Diamond Top Earner Leader with It Works! Global- based in Tampa, FL. Where do I begin? I LOVE this business!!! I had no idea how far this business would take me. I came across “THAT CRAZY WRAP THING”- March 2013. I really didn’t believe in these crazy products, I was once a skeptic just like you. Although I was skeptical of a product like this, I was very curious. So I decided to give it a try, I didn’t know by making a small decision to try it – that it would change my life forever! Before I decided to try this, I was fighting with my weight! I hated that I gained 30 pounds, I went from 130-160 pounds. I needed to get rid of this, I was so unhappy with the way I looked. I couldn’t enjoy taking pictures with friends or going to the beach. I even looked into possibly getting a tummy tuck or any surgical procedure to get rid of my tummy!

After, thorough research – It would cost anywhere between  hundreds to thousands to get this procedure done. I couldn’t afford that, so  I decided to take  control of my weight and It Works! came into my life and changed it forever! After I was proven wrong that this products actually works – I knew this was something I could help change millions of lives! People who are like you and I, who are looking for products that are natural, that works– I know this was the best business to invest in. I wanted to help women and men get their confidence and sexy back while helping people change their lives financially!!

I am truly thankful for this opportunity! I am able to live out my dreams while changing the world. I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland and I have been able to move to Florida (I always dreamed of living here) all because of this amazing business! This business has allowed me to become debt free, fire my boss and never worry about money again! As I continued to change lives, I am always looking for new distributors who are ready to take on the challenge of success and change the world with me! You CAN run a business, own your time and live your life! JOIN ME& JUST DO IT! :)

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